1. Discuss the ideas of the client and analyze the possibilities for their financing.

At this stage it is envisaged the possible number of points that the project would receive according to the published evaluation criteria for the respective program. This defines the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant company and its project program, where appropriate and appropriate measures are taken to achieve better results.

2. Development of a project proposal, preparation of the necessary application documents.

These are: Business Plans, Application Forms, Budgets, Feasibility Studies and other applicable documents, depending on the specific financing program.

3. Completing all documents submitted for evaluation.

4. Assistance with the requested additional information and documents from the financing institution in the project evaluation process.

5. Consultations in organizing the procedures for selecting contractors (suppliers) under the project.

At this step, we prepare all the necessary documents, starting with the determination of the criteria and requirements for the candidate's choice (public invitation, tender offer, tender, evaluation methodology, draft contract for delivery, etc.); an order appointing members of a tender evaluation committee; minutes of a decision of the Evaluation Committee on the selection of a tender, letters of notice, publications, etc.

6. Preparation of interim and final reports on the implementation of the project.

7. Consultancy in accounting for the costs of designing and summarizing the documents made on a project dossier.

Receipt of the approved grant will only take place after proper reporting and acceptance of a project by the relevant governing body.



  • Advisory services for increasing the efficiency of business and business processes;

  • Audit of the current financial situation and assessment of the development potential;

  • Business analysis and restructuring, strategic planning;

  • Structuring and Optimization; Consultancy services for increasing labor productivity and improving the profitability of the business;

  • Audits to assess and analyze the current state of labor productivity and the effectiveness of business activity;

  • Business consultancy for companies, individuals and organizations, Consultations and assistance in negotiating with financing institutions; Preparation of operational and investment business plans when applying for funding; Carry out marketing studies, market analyzes and forecasts.



  • Establishment and registration of companies

  • Management contracts

  • Finding the right staff

  • Transfer of undertakings

  • Transformations - infusion, merger, separation, division

  • Financial risk assessment

  • Tax consultancy

  • Advising on investment in real estate